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It's not about making a point…let's make a difference

Whose Battle Is It?

Do you need to defend yourself? I’m not talking about defending yourself from physical harm, but against people who talk ugly about you or do things to harm your reputation. What’s your responsibility and how do you handle it? Join us early tomorrow at 7:25 to hear more!


It’s Never Too Late

Time is one of the most precious commodities all of us have in life. It’s something you can never get back once it’s past.

This week the Lord showed me that it’s never to late to take care of certain thing in life. Want to hear more? Join us at 8:25 Sunday morning.



There seems to be a new word in our world, hopeium. Just what does that mean and how does it apply to us as Christ followers. Join us t 8:25 Sunday morning to hear more.


Power of the One

There is no power on earth that compares to the Lord. In good times and bad He is always teach, showing and helping us on our mission, even when it seems like all is lost. Join us at 8:25 tomorrow morning to hear how He helps all of us!


What Ya Waitin’ For?

I am a world class procrastinator. I can come up with excuse after excuse why I can wait to do something tomorrow or next week or next year. Unfortunately that can hurt you and make you miss out on a lot of things in life. Join us tomorrow morning at 8:25 to hear why I ain’t waitin’ no more!


Refuse to Quit!

If you feel like you are wasting your time these days, you are not alone. We have choices on how we will proceed with His will for lives.

Are you in that place these days, maybe a little disappointed or even depressed with the way life is going? Then join us early tomorrow for at 8:25 AM for a message of encouragement!  


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